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What is the difference between a personal chef and a caterer?

The main difference is that a caterer works out of a commercial kitchen where as a personal chef relies on the client to provide kitchen facilities.  If you have a kitchen or cooking facilities at the site of your party, you can save significantly by hiring a personal chef instead of a caterer.  This is because a personal chef does not have the overhead expense of a commercial kitchen and therefore does not pass this expense along to you.

Why do you have no set menus?

I find that most of my clients like to design their own menu that suits their personal tastes.  Usually when a client first contacts me they describe to me what kind of event they are hosting and a general idea of the type of food they would like.  I create three sample menus based on the ideas and price range they have given me and allow them to mix and match items from each menu to create the menu that suits them best.

What is the minimum/maximum number of people you can cook for?

The number of people really depends on the size of the facility.  I can cook for as few as two people or as many as your facility can hold.  Generally, if you have more people in your party the price per person is less.  However, some menu items may not be available for larger parties.  Every situation is different so feel free to call to discuss your party options.

Do you offer cooking classes?

Yes!  This can be a really fun way to host a party.  You choose the menu that you will prepare and Chef David will guide you through each step.  In the end, you enjoy the meal that you and your friends have learned to prepare.

 What makes you different from other personal chefs and caterers?

I think my personality and attention to detail really makes a difference to my clients.  During the initial consultation, I will quote one package price for the entire party.  I do not tack on any additional charges for shopping, delivery, set-up, clean-up, or supplies.  I am very concerned with food quality and food safety.  I take extra measures to ensure that everything I serve is the highest quality.