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Private Parties and Special Events


David Jones has over eleven years experience working in fine-dining restaurants.
David will make your special event one to remember.
Before the event, David will meet with you to discuss menu items.  David has created a large menu for you to choose from or choose your own meal.
David's specialty is special events.  David has been trained to create culinary masterpieces.  If you want to impress your guests and host a five-course fine dining dinner at your home, call David.  While you relax and entertain your guests, David will prepare a meal that will be remembered.  If you choose, your party will include full wine service.  
Dining at a fine-dining restaurant, wine can be your largest expense.  By choosing the Mountain Chef to cater your party, you can choose your own wines and purchase them at liquor store cost.  The Mountain Chef will come with a server to pour whatever wines you choose.  If you would like, David can help you choose appropriate wines for the occasion. 
David can also create menus for more casual events such as picnic lunches, birthday parties, brunches and barbeques. 
The benefits of hosting your own party with the Mountain Chef are numerous.  Comparing the Mountain Chef's prices with a comparable fine-dining restaurant, you will realize that you can save significantly by hosting the party yourself,  The Mountain Chef provides the same high quality you would expect from a highly acclaimed restaurant. You live at Lake Tahoe, enjoy it!!!  Entertain, have parties, and enjoy your life.  Let the Mountain Chef, David Jones, take care of the details.